With the number of power outages it is important not to increase our
carbon footprint (the pollution we generate in our home).  Candles produce more
pollution than an oil lamp using Ultra Pure Lamp Oil. 

Candles are made of paraffin and a wick.  When burning a candle, the paraffin (wax)
has not been purified and the wick burns completely.  An oil lamp will burn only the
Ultra Pure Lamp Oil and the wick does not completely burn.  An oil lamp only uses a
wick to wick the ultra pure lamp oil.

An oil lamp using ultra pure lamp oil will burn much cleaner (smokeless, odorless
and sootless) than a wax candle.   You can prove this your self by holding a non-
flammable plate above a flame of a candle and you will see the soot of the wick and the burnt candle wax.

Once a candle is burnt, it is gone.  A quality oil lamp will last a life time and with
the wicks being fiberglass they are not meant to burn but to efficiently burn only 
the fuel.  New fuels are burning much cleaner now and will even be cleaner in the future.   For a cleaner environment use an Artlamp contemporary oil lamp.

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oil lamps.

Artlamp's newest contemporary oil lamp called the Pyramid contemporary oil lamp was
designed to use the least amount of fuel for the brightest flame.  The Pyramid contemporary oil lamp having a fuel capacity of 4.4 ounces will burn consistently for 48 hours.  

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