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Dancing Flame Contemporary Oil Lamp

The Dancing Flame Contemporary oil lamp was generated based on the lamps function -
to provide a contemporary oil lamp with a  dancing  flame.  The insides of the flame enclosure (an inverted tetrahedron) draws fuel to its sides, as the sides get hot,  the heat attracts fuel to its 
interior sides providing a source of fuel to partially ignite,  allowing the  flame to dance 
around it's interior enclosure sides.
 This lamp was built as a one of a kind with a flame that dances around.
This lamp is unusual in the way the lamp is filled with Ultra Pure fuel.  Simply pour 
into inverted tetrahedron until it starts to come thru the vent hole.   

The Dancing Flame Contemporary Oil Lamp is enclosed in a 4.25" x 10" tall 
heat resistant glass cylinder. 


1995-2015  Artlamp