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Artlamp's Menorah 

     Menorah Front Elevation 
      Menorah Section      

by;     David G. Schneider 2009

The  Menorah contemporary oil lamp's reservoir is divided into
eight cells for each night of Hanukkah or Chanukah.  The "Shamesh" or service 
candle to the right on the Menorah is used to kindle each oil candle for the eight 
days of Hanukkah.  Each oil candle will burn independently of each other, allowing each oil candle to burn out with out effecting the other oil candles.  

This Menorah is made of solid polished satin brass, 
glass candles with a polished brass finial and fiberglass wicks.

Hanukkah or Chanukah Menorah for the Holidays. For the use
of the 
Menorah during Hanukkah,
click on
Hanukkah Menorah  below;

Hanukkah Menorah



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